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Rubber Coated Clips

Weight Capacity is Rated and Certified

 Made of high quality, industrial strength, solid cast 316 stainless steel (not rod bent like others) 

Our clips do not snap in half, they stretch out better for safety

Performance rubber coating to prevent scratches/chips/damage

Rubber coating wont peel or tear away

Corrosion and Rust resistant, they can to go into salt or fresh water

UV protection in every color, to help reduce fading in the sun

Colors won't rub off on any surface

Customized coloring available with large orders

2:1 650 lbs SOLID workload certified

First product of it's kind

2 clips per package

Color Coding

These one of a kind carabiners come in 8 vibrant colors for more visibility or color coordinating a job. They are great for Marine, Military, Trailers, Sailing, Camping gear, Fishing gear, Equestrian, Aviation, Construction, Home/ Garage projects, Work Shops, Mechanic Shops, Recreational Vehicles, Off Road Vehicles, Competitive Racing, Rigging and so much more! Our carabiner clips will make organizing so much easier and with the protection that you deserve, no more chipping and scratching up stuff. Our clips have been used on movie sets, ranches, boats, personal watercraft.The use is endless!

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“We use Hook It Carabiners everywhere around our shop. They have been perfect for hanging bikes in the garage and also attaching anything to our boat. No more scratches!”

James C. (Idaho)

Best clips ever!! I highly recommend these clips, they won't scratch your paint/gel coat and they hold on tight.

Luis Aviles

Great customer service!

Micheal Smith

These clips are unreal. I had the opportunity to test these things out and they are amazing. I won't use any other clip now.

Matt G.

Very well made and I recommended them to friends!